Nutrition and HPP

Unfortunately there are no real answers to this question. It is important that you talk with your doctor about your individual case. It is also important to remember that with HPP your mobility is diminished due to broken bones, weakness and the propecity to brake bones so watching your weight and keeping up your strength is important. So common sense would be to eat a healthy diet and with the guidance of your doctor and/or physical therapist find a exercises program that is best for you. (exercising in a pool seems to be the best for many of the adult patients that we have spoke with)

In talking with other HPP patients comments have been made concerning dairy products. Most say they eat dairy very moderately or not at all. One of the main reasons to have dairy products is to supply calcium and that is not something HPP patients want being high in the blood. It will deposit anywhere and too high or very low will affect the heart. (remember this information is from talking with other HPP patients, always consult with your doctor about your situation)

HPP-Choose Hope is working on getting a more definitive answers as to HPP patients and nutrition. As it becomes available, we will get it to you.


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